Protecting Athletes with Soft Touch Bases

Base ManufacturingAs baseball season draws to a close, business at Urethane Systems prepares to get a big boost in sales of our specialty, Soft Touch Bases. Recently featured in, Urethane’s Soft Touch Bases make safety a priority for baseball and softball players.

During a game, a player might enter an uncontrolled slide towards a base with enough force to cause serious injury to the foot, ankle or leg. Soft Touch Bases minimize that risk through a system called “progressive release.” This system allows the base to disengage from its mount to reduce sliding injuries for players. The base slides along with the player instead, reducing impact.

There are five different series’ of Soft Touch Bases, which each boast modified features for specific applications. The most recent series, called the T series, features spikes that insert into synthetic turf. It does not require a mounting system. The company also offers Soft Touch Bases that are compatible with older stake or sleeve mounting systems, as well as spike down mounting systems, and even smooth indoor fields.

The Soft Touch Bases are a great option for local Little League teams which, in response to a new rule, are now required to “utilize bases that disengage their anchor.” Soft Touch Bases is one of only four companies that are licensed and recommended by Little League International for disengage-able bases.

Soft Touch Bases have a 20 year history of proven performance as a safe sports accessory. They’re especially in high demand between November and May, when the company experiences a rush of orders in preparation for the start of the spring season.

To read more about Urethane Systems’ Soft Touch Bases, check out the BizTimes article here!



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