Is Polyurethane the Answer to Your Product Design?

Whether you’re manufacturing a soft cushion (maybe one that needs to be extra comfortable for a desk chair) or you’re looking to design a new, durable handle with shock protection for the seat of a theme park ride, polyurethane might just be the best material for your seating or other products. It’s a fact that in many areas, polyurethane outperforms plastics and rubbers. Its superior resilience to oil, grease, weather, wear and tear from age, abrasives — just to name a few — make it a perfect solution for many rigid and flexible products.

Intro BlogSince its development in the 1930s, polyurethane applications have expanded, positioning it as a material with immense versatility. Some common (and distinctly different) uses of polyurethane are spray foam for insulation and novelty items such as those seen on the heads of enthusiastic Wisconsin sports fans! At Urethane Systems Plus, Inc we’ve taken the high-quality foundation of an existing product line of over 20 years, Soft Touch Bases, and added capabilities to become a full-service manufacturer and distributor of polyurethane products. We have consulted with chemists and industry professionals on developing new materials to bring custom solutions to our clients.

Our products, all Made in the USA, serve niche markets. We know our foam types and have fun creating affordable and safe solutions.  We’ve enhanced our double first base to optimize player safety, and developed new products for use on artificial turf –base, home plate and pitching rubber.  Stay tuned here to learn more on our newly patented product line! In the meantime, keep in mind that for novelty products to healthcare resources, and ranging in small to mid-level quantities, you can contact us for a free material analysis to see if polyurethane might be the answer to your product design!  


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